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Written by Matt Frazer


Customized funeral stationery such as funeral programs, prayer cards, and acknowledgment cards are a very important a part of a life celebration.


Funeral programs, sometimes called a funeral order of service, are the printed documents that are handed out during a funeral or memorial service outlining the key points of the service. The funeral program also serves as a keepsake summarizing the life achievements of the deceased.


Prayer cards typically depict a religious scene or saint; however, a picture of the person who has passed away also can be printed on the front of the card. On the flip side of the card, the bereaved usually ask to include a prayer, or a special verse or poem as well as the person’s name and dates of birth and death. These cards are about the size of a playing card.


Sending acknowledgment cards following a memorial service is a time-honored tradition. Thanking the people that came to the service and those who sent funeral flowers is a part of the healing process. Thank-you notes provide the bereaved an opportunity to once more share their thoughts and memories of the deceased with others and to thank them for paying tribute and honoring their loved one in a special way.


To honor the deceased in an unprecedented manner, customized funeral stationery can mirror the individual qualities that created that person’s unique nature. Every funeral program, prayer card, and acknowledgment card can now be reflective of the life that was lived. Making customized funeral stationery that matches the interests, hobbies, or occupation is currently possible with funeral stationery software.


In the past, most funeral homes had the standard, pre-printed thank-you notes and other stationery as a result of the need to mass produce it in a short amount of time. Ordering pre-printed stationery in bulk also was a time saver and money saver for the funeral home. However, now, thanks to funeral stationery software, customized pieces can be easily and inexpensively created in-house. Thank-you notes and other pieces of customized funeral stationery can be created from blank stock in an affordable and simple manner.


Everything required for a customized service from beginning to end may be produced in-house. The generic feel of the pre-printed funeral stationery is something of the past. With the most recent funeral technology, you’ll be able to print what you wish, quickly and professionally, whenever you need it. The customization options are amazing.


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