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Written by Matt Frazer


The death of an important person in one’s life creates an avalanche of emotions that are dreadfully uncomfortable, bewildering, and isolating. A sense of numbness, shock, disbelief, and denial are common feelings during this time. Despite the universal nature of these feelings which transcend age, race, and cultural boundaries, there is no comfort in knowing that others experience the same things.


The way grief manifests in people, however, can be drastically different from one person to the next. One person may throw themselves into a frenzy of activity, desperately striving to keep busy to avoid facing the stark reality of death. Others may retreat into a solitary world of loneliness, detaching from others and cutting all social ties. They do this to gain a sense of understanding of the difficult moods and emotional reactions that death has brought crashing into their lives with a vengeance. Neither way is right, neither is wrong — they are just different methods of dealing with one of the most challenging events to happen during life.


The knowledge that someone is gone forever is a terrible understanding. Unresolved emotions and issues may wreak havoc upon one’s conscience and the unique essence that defined a loved one may never be replaced. This is why the funeral service to celebrate the loved one’s life is so critical. Gathering with others who knew and loved the deceased is the best way to begin the mourning process. Sharing stories and even the misery of the loss unites mourners. A funeral service that includes items that are customized to the deceased with photographs, videos, and cherished mementos and objects that express that person’s hobbies, profession, or interests creates an even more intimate atmosphere for those left behind to find comfort in the service and in one another.


There are many different methods to present the personality of the departed during a funeral service such as personalized funeral stationery and funeral candles; however, a DVD Tribute Video is certainly one of the most interactive. A Tribute Video is a touching and powerful piece that invites the viewer to revisit the life milestones of the deceased with photographs, videos, and favored quotes all set to music chosen by the family. Generally shown at the service and available as keepsakes to the families, Tribute Videos serve as an excellent way to focus attendees on the many joys that the deceased brought to them. The ability to celebrate a life while mourning a death helps to gain perspective on the nature of life and death and why the present is the most precious time we have.


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