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Written by Matt Frazer


New funeral stationery software affords relief to funeral professionals, permitting them to supply a high level of personalization with straightforward, easy-to-use layouts and technology and a low-price, print-on-demand program.


Funeral stationery has evolved. With new funeral stationery software advances, funeral personalization has come a long way from the humdrum, generic stationery of yesteryear. Funeral professionals now can take advantage of the flexibility to supply client families virtually limitless choices for a very personalized and complete set of funeral stationery. This new funeral technology also has mitigated the troubles of price, inventory considerations, and timelines for funeral homes.


Traditionally, a funeral home would purchase pre-printed paper for the stationery. A funeral home might have had just a few choices for families to settle on, attributable to the limited inventory in stock. Reorders had to be managed and maintained closely to not run out of a specific item. Additionally, to add to the problem, suppliers needed minimum orders, which meant pricey outlays for stock inventory. Managing the funeral stationery inventory, coping with high prices, and repetitively inputting the deceased’s information for every piece consumed giant blocks of time for funeral directors and their staff.


These prehistoric days of funeral stationery are gone permanently. Today, a funeral professional can offer the most options for customized funeral stationery. They can quickly and simply create it on-demand from blank, perforated stock using software-driven designs. Now the mourning families are able to select from a large range of personalization choices and funeral homes are not compelled to inventory pre-printed stock. Funeral register book pages, memorial folders, prayer cards, acknowledgments, bookmarks, DVD Tribute Videos and their packaging, and even personalized funeral candles all can be developed using this funeral software.


The new funeral stationery software embodies more than 500 pre-designed and pre-formatted layouts; the software also is compatible with the funeral home’s computer systems, like SRS Computing. Therefore, a funeral director’s client family will receive a high level of personalization with layouts for just about every interest, hobby, occupation, and religious affiliation. Funeral homes are able to input the deceased’s information only once and print specific amounts of each piece. It’s simple, easy, and affordable.


Using the funeral home’s own printer, this print-on-demand funeral stationery software doesn’t require a funeral home to print a specific amount if it is not necessary. With this sort of specialized funeral stationery software, a funeral home will print solely what is required, when it’s required, and the results are a professional, low-cost, and totally customized funeral stationery package.


Funeral stationery software is a vital part of personalizing a funeral service. These personalized pieces permit client families to honor, celebrate, remember, and tell their loved ones’ life stories. Additionally, the funeral stationery created are ideal keepsakes for those that attended the service.


Download Tribute Center for free to create your own personalized funeral stationery products for the families you serve!