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Written by Matt Frazer


Today, many funeral directors are hearing that their client families want more and more personalization options. They feel what makes a person unique ought to also be part of their life celebration. Funeral stationery software can help funeral directors meet this need with the complete customization of a funeral service to honor the deceased with more personalization options than ever thought possible.


No matter what the family wishes to have — whether it’s 100 funeral programs, 10 personalized funeral candles, 200 thank-you notes, a Tribute Video, or just a funeral register book and a few prayer cards, today’s funeral professional, equipped with the latest funeral software, can meet these demands. Using funeral personalization software, a funeral director can select from one of the hundreds of themes to insert into the pre-formatted layouts for each piece of funeral stationery. Utilizing blank stock, a laser printer, and this simple-to-use, print-on-demand software program, deathcare professionals are able to produce customized keepsakes in-house that tell a story helping the bereaved honor their loved one.


Even DVD Tribute Videos can be created in-house using the all-in-one funeral software. Not only does it include the funeral stationery software, but Tribute Video software and funeral webcasting software too. This robust program provides funeral homes with a suite of customization options right at their fingertips.


Families looking for distinctive funeral stationery, including funeral register books, prayer cards, memorial folders, funeral candles, and even holiday remembrance ornaments, will be pleased with the selection available to them. Using an online theme viewer, the funeral director can help his or her client family narrow down their selection. Or the funeral director can give families the opportunity to find just the right theme in the comfort and convenience of their home by adding the online theme viewer link to their funeral home’s website. Not only will it be more convenient for the funeral director, but it will show new families how important personalization is to your funeral home.


The personalization choices for the customer’s funeral stationery include more than 500 themes representing every interest, hobby, occupation, and religious background. Once a theme has been selected, the funeral home’s staff can get to work entering the deceased’s information by clicking a few buttons and then printing the personalized stationery onto blank stock using a laser printer.


The results are a completely customized funeral stationery package that will remind mourners, in one glance, what made their beloved special.


Download Tribute Center for free to create personalized funeral stationery products for the families you serve!