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Written by Matt Frazer


Client families have been snapping pictures of their family and friends for decades. More recently, almost everyone has access to some type of video recording device — for most; their phone is also their camera and camcorder. The world is evolving and technology is readily available to everyone — including funeral directors.


Advancements in technology span the globe and touch the lives of almost every conceivable industry, even the funeral profession. Funeral software now enables families to connect in ways never thought possible, even in death. Funeral webcasting makes this possible. A funeral director using a simple video setup can broadcast a funeral or memorial service over the internet. Guests can be invited to a password-protected viewing should they not be able to attend in person. The experience is amazing and the benefits to both client families and your funeral home are tremendous.


Another age-old funeral tradition is the poster board. These too are being left behind as new technology to create DVD Tribute Videos takes their place. Historically, the poster boards displayed photographs of the deceased and special family moments in happier times. Created to evoke memories of the deceased and remind everyone of the place their loved one had in their lives, poster boards can’t do what a Tribute Video can. A DVD Tribute Video is a moving tribute that combines pictures, videos, music, and words to tell a loved one’s life story. Tribute Video software enables the funeral director to easily assemble these cinematic-quality movies in-house. The resulting videos are amazing — almost like watching the story of someone’s life unfolding before your eyes.


In addition to creating DVD Tribute Videos, funeral professionals also can utilize all-in-one funeral software for personalizing a full range of products from funeral stationery to funeral candles. The software gives the funeral director the power to provide client families with professional quality items that are under the directors’ complete control from development to the presentation of the final product to the family.


The funeral stationery software permits the funeral director to easily create and print custom items with a matching theme to add that personal touch. The same theme can be used on all funeral products, from the DVD Tribute Video holders to funeral register books, memorial bookmarks, funeral webcasting, and even the thank-you cards. No specialty pre-printed stationery is needed. Using blank card stock for each item, the custom funeral stationery can be created using the pre-formatted designs in the software and then printed from the funeral home’s own printer. With this flexibility, the funeral director also can print as many or as few as they wish. Funeral stationery software of this kind includes more than 500 themes to allow client families to choose an occupation, interest, or hobby that exemplifies the life they’re honoring, making each item particularly meaningful.


Each day, thousands of funeral professionals put their confidence in new technology and funeral software. Isn’t it time you discovered the power of software built with the funeral professional in mind?


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