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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral webcasting enables family and friends to take part in their loved one’s funeral or memorial service despite illness, finances, or distance. It gives mourners who can’t travel the opportunity to watch the service live just like they were there or watch it later at their convenience.


Recently improved technologies and less expensive broadband has lead to an increase in the use of funeral webcasting. Now survivors who cannot attend a service in person are not just limited to sending sympathy cards and funeral flowers, they too can have closure.


Funeral webcasting offers friends and family members the ability to virtually attend a funeral regardless of their circumstances or their location. Through funeral webcasting, the bereaved can view a memorial at any time, anywhere in the world, in the privacy of their home. Additionally, a webcast can be viewed live or delayed for each individual’s preference and needs.


Here are two things you may not have known about funeral webcasting:


1. Your Client Families Will Want to Webcast

As the world’s demand for technology grows, people are becoming more connected, are online more frequently and up-to-date with the latest inventions and capabilities available. The demand is there for more interactive, social, online experiences — in every facet of life, even death. More and more families are requesting funeral webcasting from their funeral directors — being prepared to provide that service means never having to tell a family they can’t have something they want.


2. Funeral Webcasting Is Easy and It Makes Sense

Funeral software puts the power of customization into the hands of the funeral director. Having Tribute Video software and webcasting software all in one to create a complete, customized theme using the latest technology makes good business sense and good financial sense. No outsourcing or third parties to deal with, no long-term contracts, no upfront costs, no equipment to buy and no support fees. With a simple pay-as-you-go system, it’s affordable and profitable. No matter what your user level is, you can begin webcasting with a simple video package including an HD camera, tripod, wireless microphone, and a USB video capture device.


Taking your funeral services online using funeral webcasting software, you can not only help families but also increase your business. This value-added service basically goes straight to increasing your bottom line — a good decision and an excellent service offering. It’s a win-win for your client families and your business.


After the service, the funeral home may keep the video on their website for a specified period of time. Some funeral webcasts are available for viewing for as long as a year after the service. In other cases, the family or funeral director may decide to make videos available for shorter periods, such as three to six months. Each returning visit to your website puts the name of your funeral home in front of your client families again and again.


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