A red ornament with a white snowflake painted on it hanging from a Christmas tree


Written by Matt Frazer


Help your client families, secure your reputation as a caring and full-service funeral home, and build your business. That’s what a simple holiday remembrance program can do for you.


A great and unique way to promote your funeral home’s business is to organize programs that bring your client families together at the end of the year for a remembrance program. As the first holiday season without their loved one is the hardest for many people, being able to gather with others going through the same experience is valuable in aiding in the grieving process. As a funeral professional, you can throw a festive event in your funeral home and have special keepsake gifts honoring the deceased to give to those left behind. You will successfully reinforce your presence in the community for past and future business opportunities.


One of the most advantageous aspects of a remembrance program is the ability for people in the community to share their advice as each is moving through the mourning period. These events are likely to produce new friendships, renewed community bonds, and awareness of your funeral home’s services.


Remembrance ornaments are the perfect way to remind client families of your appreciation for their patronage of your services. With funeral software, you can create personalized labels in-house that include the name and birth and death dates of the deceased. The ornaments can be placed in their gift boxes near a tree or other holiday decoration for the families to collect on their way into or out of your funeral home.


Remembrance ornaments not only keep your business on the top of the minds of previous client families but also can serve as a new source of revenue generation. Many families will wish to purchase copies of the remembrance ornaments. While you would provide the first ornament free to the client families, each subsequent ornament could be sold for $20. With the average family ordering two to three additional ornaments, the program will pay for itself. Additionally, the family will remember it was their funeral director that was able to provide this thoughtful keepsake.


Of course, the most important action you need to take is in the promotion of your remembrance program. You should contact the families you served directly through the mail, email, or a phone call – whatever is most convenient for you. Also, letting the local newspaper know of the event so that they can do a write-up and put it on the community calendar helps spread the word, as does notifying local churches and synagogues for them to broadcast to their communities. And don’t forget your website. You’ll want to be sure to put the date, time, and information about the remembrance program in a prominent place for families to see.


Although there’s still time to plan a holiday remembrance program for this year, if you think you can’t put everything together for this holiday season, be sure to mark your calendar for next year. It’s probably best to get started in August or September to have enough time to plan everything and be sure your client families have enough time to respond to the invite.


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