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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral software has enabled the funeral profession to give its client families the chance to remember their loved ones as they were in life — through unique, personalized funeral products. This all-in-one software also gives the funeral professional the ability to create these products easily and in-house. It’s a win-win for all.


Within the last decade, the funeral profession has been completely transformed with the invention of funeral software. The changes are far-reaching and have made a monumental impact on the feel and tone of funeral services. The customization options available now through the use of funeral software gives the funeral professional the ability to hold a service that consists of a wide variety of items that are personalized to present the true nature of the life being mourned.


Most people believe that a funeral is an opportunity to provide a connection with the deceased — and detached, common items hardly fulfilled that need. With funeral software, you have the opportunity to customize not only stationery, but funeral webcasts, Tribute Videos, and keepsakes.


Consider the days of stock funeral stationery. A limited number of generic designs were available to choose from and most funeral register books, prayer cards, memorial folders, and programs were highly impersonal. Now, from the moment a person enters the funeral or memorial service, the essence of the deceased is evident with a personalized funeral register book that contains photographs and favorite quotes or bible verses.


Memorial folders and funeral programs also contain the same theme, images, and quotes or sayings that were meaningful to the deceased.


One of the most requested items, the DVD Tribute Video, provides a moving focal point that combines photographs, videos, and cherished hymns. The same theme that has been used on the other funeral products can be selected and incorporated into the Tribute Video. The result is a completely personalized service that pays homage to the life of the one who has left us.


Funeral webcasting — the ability to broadcast an online funeral throughout the world for those who can’t attend the service — is another groundbreaking achievement. Imagine the grief of one overseas who can’t be physically present at the service. With funeral webcasting software, you have the capacity to allow them to participate, alleviating them of guilt and providing them with a sense of closure.


Funeral keepsakes such as candles, holiday remembrance ornaments, and bookmarks all can be personalized with the same images and themes used on the other funeral products for the service.


As with all industries, the funeral profession continues to grow and evolve. Don’t get left behind by not embracing the technology that can transform funeral services and your business.


Download Tribute Center for free to create personalized mementos for the families you serve!