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Written by Matt Frazer


From elderly, immobile relatives to brothers and sisters serving overseas, funeral webcasting provides a much-needed and unique experience for the bereaved. Hosting an online funeral gives your client families the ability to be at a funeral service, even when it’s not physically possible to be there in person.


The loss of a loved one or friend is a difficult and stressful time. A funeral service allows the mourner a sense of closure and it enables them to honor and celebrate the deceased’s life. It is a special and sacred event for all survivors. Unfortunately, many bereaved are not able to attend a funeral or memorial service due to work-related or health issues, the sheer distance from the funeral service, military service overseas, or the high cost of travel.


Funeral webcasting has enabled many people to participate in services that in bygone ages they would have had to miss. With a few simple pieces of equipment — a tripod, wireless microphone, USB video capture device, an HD camera, and funeral webcasting software, your funeral home can offer this value-added service to your client families.


Webcasting capabilities include both live and delayed streaming. If a family member or friend is unable to watch the online funeral at the exact time of the service, he or she can choose to watch it at a time and place that’s convenient for them. The online funeral will be password protected so it’s not an event open to the public — but invited guests have the ability see the other guests, listen to the entire service, and say their goodbyes to their loved one.


As a funeral professional, your job is ever growing and demanding. Learning and using new technology can be frustrating; however, funeral webcasting software companies can provide help 24 hours a day — from setting up to launching the webcast itself and even saving and burning the recorded service to a DVD. This exceptional technical service can assistant you no matter what level of computer, internet, and video equipment knowledge you may have. You never need to feel alone or nervous when you are about to launch a webcast.


The funeral webcasting company takes care of all the details and has set everything up through a global distribution network that can broadcast around the world, with simultaneous streaming to more than 30 different servers worldwide. These high-quality video streaming servers guarantee a trouble-free and completely reliable webcast. Other features of the webcasting software include video editing capabilities and the inclusion of DVD Tribute Video software to create Tribute Videos in-house all in one easy-to-use package — making this type of funeral software the most robust and complete technology available today.


There’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by adding funeral webcasting to your menu of services. In order to stay at the forefront of the funeral profession and provide exceptional funeral products and services to your client families, be ready to offer funeral webcasting services that will undoubtedly elevate your funeral home’s reputation.


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