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Written by Matt Frazer


Your funeral home will enjoy healthy profits by using funeral personalization software to create funeral stationery and related items. Your client families will appreciate the many ways to personalize their loved one’s funeral. A win-win for everybody!


When you install funeral personalization software on your computer, you have completely revolutionized the way you run your funeral business. Everything you need to create funeral stationery, Tribute Videos, memorial candles, funeral webcasting, and even holiday remembrance ornaments is right at your fingertips. From design to production, you have complete control of the creation of a broad range of products to fully personalize a funeral service. Your client families have a diverse but easily categorized selection to bid a final farewell that truly represents their loved ones.


Designing stationery is surprisingly easy with this template-driven software. Especially with more than 500 themes for your client families to select from to create pieces that represent their loved one’s interests in life. Adding photos, anecdotes, or even videos where appropriate results in fully personalized funeral stationery and other pieces such as funeral register book pages, memorial folders, prayer cards, acknowledgments, bookmarks, signs, DVD packaging, candles, and even remembrance holiday ornaments.


When considering the bottom line, you stand to profit agreeably by using this software in your funeral home. Offering three stationery packages to accommodate client families’ budgets and needs, you are providing top-quality pieces perfectly reflective of the deceased for good prices while making a healthy profit.


Bringing design and production of your funeral stationery and related items in-house will improve your business operations considerably. With control over your inventory, customization, and printing, you will enjoy the streamlined changes that simplify business. Your client families will appreciate the many choices available to them to arrange for services that portray their loved ones as the decedent would like. This is purely a win-win situation for everybody.


Download Tribute Center for free to create personalized memorial items for the families you serve!