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Written by Matt Frazer


Revolutionize your funeral home operations with incredibly easy stationery production. With designs that allow for personalization of all stationery and print-on-demand features, you eliminate the print house — and your frustration.


Modern society moves at a fast and furious rate, needing everything immediately. In our competitive world, if it’s not provided when the customer wishes, there’s always the next guy down the street. But this is only if the customer is not able to do at home whatever it is that’s needed. With the technology available to practically everyone, and software programs that do many things that used to be done only by professionals, it’s not difficult to become an expert at almost anything! Small businesses also are enjoying the many benefits of moving services in-house. Funeral homes have welcomed it too, particularly the ability to print on demand.


With software designed specifically for the funeral profession, creating funeral stationery is exceptionally easy. Designs direct you where to place content and there are more than 500 beautiful themes that represent almost every profession, religious belief, hobby, or interest. With the print-on-demand feature, there is absolutely no need to deal with the frustrations that accompany working with print houses — like missed deadlines, errors in content, and restricted options.


After you’ve designed customized stationery options — such as funeral register book pages, memorial folders, prayer cards, acknowledgments, bookmarks, DVD packaging, and even candles — you print on blank perforated stock the exact quantity needed when you need it. If more visitors than expected attend the service, you just print more copies of whatever you require. A drastic change from in the past when you would have to order each item in set quantities with minimal design options. The items would need to be stocked and re-orders needed to be well-planned in order to maintain inventory.


The combination of software with so many options in design and the simplicity of blank perforated stock that can be used for almost every funeral stationery item desired streamlines your operations immensely. No planning is needed, no missed deadlines are worried about. You have all the control right there at your funeral home. Furthermore, you have so much more to offer your client families. Revolutionize your funeral home and look into software with customizable designs and print-on-demand features.


If you haven’t already done so, consider switching from outsourcing your funeral stationery printing or using generic templates for utilizing the latest funeral software. The ease at which you can provide a fully customized funeral in minutes will amaze you and please your client families as well.


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