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Written by Matt Frazer


Pairing down the number of decisions at-need families must make, funeral stationery packages offer the best customization options without the painful process of selection.


Sometimes too many choices can be overwhelming to people. This is especially true when it comes to planning a funeral for a loved one. At-need client families are faced with many decisions. What kind of casket? Where should we have the service? Who do we need to notify? What kind of flowers should we order? What should the obituary say? And the list goes on. Their grief sometimes can make it more difficult, if not impossible, to make an educated decision.


As a funeral director, you have the difficult task of guiding families through this sensitive time in their lives. They look to you for direction, support, knowledge, and care. Helping them make choices for their loved one’s life celebration is a huge responsibility — after all, they will remember the events of the next few days for years. Helping them make choices that will enable them to say goodbye and to remember their loved one’s time on earth in a special way is priceless.


One of the ways a funeral director can make things easier for themselves and their at-need client family is to offer several different funeral stationery packages — based on funeral service needs and, of course, cost. Your funeral stationery software company can make suggestions as to the specific items as well as the number of each of these items in each particular package. They also can suggest retail price points which would include reasonable profit margins. But, let’s review three different types of packages a funeral professional might offer their families.


The Basic Funeral Stationery Package

A basic funeral stationery package might be an ideal choice for a small family who may not have a lot of surviving relatives or close friends who will attend the funeral service. This package would be more limited in that it only consists of a funeral register book, 100 memorial folders, and 50 acknowledgments and envelopes.


The Standard Funeral Stationery Package

For an average size funeral where there are out of town family members and a more closer knit local family and friend situation, a standard funeral stationery package might be better received. This package may include not only the basic funeral stationery package items but also a few additional items such a personalized funeral candle, a copy of a Tribute Video, and four bookmarks.


The Premium Funeral Stationery Package

For those families wishing to have a more complete, premium funeral stationery package, they might choose to purchase a premium package which would include all the items in the standard package, plus 100 tri-folds.


For each package, additional pieces can be printed and added on to the order should a family so desire. For example, if a family decided on the premium package but needed 120 tri-folds, and wanted three copies of the Tribute Video — these add-ons could be simply tacked on to the base price of the original package.


Having three options for funeral stationery packages will limit the number of choices a family needs to make, provide them with customized funeral stationery, and make everyone’s life a bit easier.


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