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Written by Matt Frazer


It’s crucial to offer client families options to be competitive in today’s funeral profession — even for funeral stationery acknowledgment cards. With funeral software created for in-house use, now funeral directors can do just that.


An important rule of funeral etiquette is to send thank-you cards — also known as acknowledgment cards — to friends and family who have sent flowers, plants, or donations in honor of the departed. In the past, funeral professionals had a finite number of design themes to provide to client families, often religious in theme. The options included maybe two pre-printed designs. The funeral home might also add some generic printing inside — such as the name of the person who passed away and their birth and death dates. However, with today’s funeral software, designed specifically for funeral professionals, there is a wealth of options to create personalized thank-you cards with almost any theme a client family may wish to use and complete control of the customization.


With just a computer, printer, blank perforated stock, and funeral stationery software, a funeral director or other funeral home employee can design and print beautiful thank-you cards — all in-house! With hundreds of themes to choose from, representing virtually all professions, interests, hobbies, and service associations, client families face no restrictions in sending their friends and family members the exact card that they want. Photographs, specific verses, or poems can be added — actually, the possibilities are as limitless as the imagination.


To get started, the funeral software can be downloaded in just minutes. Once installed, menu-driven, pre-formatted templates for each piece of funeral stationery can easily be selected, edited to include photos, special sayings, prayers, the deceased’s name, and any other information the family wishes.


The client family will have the opportunity to select an appropriate theme from more than 500 available. There are themes for nature lovers, avid readers, attorneys, law enforcement, and carpenters. Almost every imaginable theme has already been created in this robust funeral stationery software. Client families can utilize the online theme viewer to make the selection process quick and convenient — as they can do this on their own from the comfort of their own home. Once a theme is chosen, the family simply notifies the funeral director of their selection. Of course, the selection process also can be done at the time of the arrangement with the guidance of the funeral director.


A customized thank-you card, complete with a favorite photo of their loved one and a coordinated theme to reflect the personality, career, or hobby can be just one part of a family’s life celebration. If the family wishes to order other funeral stationery, such as a funeral register books, memorial folders, prayer cards, bookmarks, and even a Tribute Video or personalized funeral candles, all of these items can be customized with the same theme so that there is a consistent look and feel for the person’s entire life celebration.


Download Tribute Center for free to create personalized acknowledgment cards and other mementos for the families you serve!