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Written by Matt Frazer


Tribute Videos are a compilation of pictures, videos, text, and music arranged in such a way that they help tell a life story at a funeral or memorial service. As the bereaved watch the Tribute Video, it helps them remember not only special moments but also special people who were a big part of their life.


Many people grew up watching what were jokingly known as the dreaded family home movies. These clips of film captured family vacations, dance recitals, weddings, holiday dinners, and so much more. In addition to these home movies, families also took pictures of these events and even of ordinary occasions — a Dad bathing a reluctant dog or a child taking his first solo bike ride.


As teens, some were embarrassed by the pictures and videos of their youth. They would dread when a parent wished to show off the funny images of them as a baby eating their first cake or embarrassingly enough, sitting on the toilet! However, as people age, these movies and pictures take on new meaning — especially when someone dear passes away. During these times, families willingly pull out the photo albums and those now precious family home movies to wade through the memories — many of which are both painful and joyful.


Tribute Video software gives the funeral director the opportunity to take these digital memories and elevate them to a new level, giving the bereaved a way to present and to preserve these memories like never before.


Coordinating with the family, the funeral professional will be able to combine both the family home movies and photographs in sequential order to, in essence, make a movie about a person’s whole life. Whether the family wishes to start with baby pictures, through school years, weddings, births of children and grandchildren, or simply select random funny or memorable moments and combine them together — the resulting Tribute Video will speak to the bereaved in so many ways.


Assembled in-house, a funeral director would utilize funeral software to scan family photos, import video and digital images, add a favorite hymn, popular song, or piece of funeral music, coordinate the theme of the video with the funeral stationery, and even add captions, verbiage, or favorite lines of scripture. All of these elements are rolled into one seamless, cinematic-quality life movie just by following the on-screen directions of the funeral software.


These professionally crafted Tribute Videos are easy to make even for those without a wealth of computer skills. The entire video can be created in minutes and then burned to a DVD and/or uploaded to the funeral home’s website.


As a record of an entire life, a Tribute Video enables survivors the opportunity to take more than a glance back at happier times. Because they can be watched again and again — long after a funeral or memorial service is over — Tribute Videos are an endearing, unique keepsake. They can be passed from generation to generation to preserve family history, traditions, and sacred memories.


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