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Written by Matt Frazer


The ability to create funeral products for a funeral service is right at your fingertips. With all-in-one personalization funeral software, you can quickly and easily make professional funeral products from prayer cards to funeral webcasts.


Creating a complete set of fully customized and coordinated funeral stationery items is amazingly easy when you have software designed for the funeral profession that basically does the work for you. This new all-in-one personalized software allows you to create and produce top-quality items from printed stationery to live webcasts. The only skill you really need is to know how to click a mouse! Affordable, easy, and extremely convenient, once you use this new software you will never want to go back to the old methods.


This all-in-one software covers four primary funeral products that will impress your client families well beyond their expectations while establishing your funeral home as the most caring, detailed, and sophisticated within the community. The most basic of the categories is funeral stationery. With many types of items, from prayer cards to thank-you cards to memorial folders, you can offer clients a breadth of choices. With more than 500 themes to choose from to express the interests closest to the deceased, multiple layout options, and blank perforated stock, it’s simple to produce beautiful stationery.


With the same software, you can create a stunning Tribute Video that sets photographs and videos to music. Again, simplicity was critical while designing the software so with three simple steps you have a high-quality presentation that will impress your client families. Import the pictures and video you wish to use, edit them using simple tools and then burn the Tribute Video to a DVD or upload it to the internet.


Funeral webcasting is another exciting product, giving you the opportunity to host online services for those who can’t attend. With both live and delayed streaming capabilities, global distribution through more than 30 servers, and full editing features, the inclusion of webcasting within your portfolio will significantly improve the value of your services. The webcasting software and a simple video package including an HD camera, tripod, wireless microphone, and a USB video capture device are all you need to go online.


Another product this robust funeral software allows you to create in-house is funeral keepsakes. Whether it’s a funeral candle or a remembrance ornament — with this high-tech software, you can create a completely personalized line of funeral products in minutes.


What makes this all-in-one software ideal is that you can use your own computer and printing equipment. Another advantage is being able to produce the items in-house is that they are ready when you need them. This amazing software truly has only upsides for you and your funeral home. If you aren’t one of the 4,500 funeral home professionals using it on a daily basis, you soon will be.


Download Tribute Center for free to create meaningful mementos for the families you serve!