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Written by Matt Frazer


Whether you have a creative bone in your body or not, creating a world-class Tribute Video is a piece of cake with funeral software. Quickly becoming a focal point of funeral services, the DVD Tribute Video brings mourners together with memories, laughs, and tears. It will be remembered by all who see it for years to come.


As a funeral professional, you’re somewhat a “master of ceremonies” for an admittedly difficult occasion. Expected to provide expertise in areas ranging from the legalities of funerals to providing top-quality funeral stationery, you are the source of all funeral products and services that are necessary for creating a memorable and tasteful affair.


Here’s a chance to step up your funeral home’s level of professionalism and impress your clients with an amazing portfolio of customizable funeral items that you develop in your own office. A truly impactful and often requested product is the DVD Tribute Video. Using funeral software that has been created especially for funeral professionals, you can indulge your inner film director and provide your clients with a product that will take center stage and engender a profound sense of unity among the funeral visitors.


In viewing a sample Tribute Video, you may wonder how such a professional quality product can be created by someone who may have limited computer skills, creativity, or both. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that with funeral software you are guided step by step through the process — quickly and easily. If ever you reach a stumbling block, technical assistance is a mere phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Customizing the Tribute Video is essential in fostering a true sense of the deceased’s interests during life. But have no fear — there are more than 500 different thematic options that have already been created from which to choose. From firefighter to physician, gardener to antique car aficionado, you will find most hobbies, professions and interests represented. After you have procured photographs from the client family, high-speed scan technology allows you to scan one photo every two seconds, and you can incorporate as many photos as you wish. Video clips can be added as well — depending on your client family’s tastes, they may wish to portray his quirky sense of humor with a clip of him telling jokes, or remind visitors of her scholarly prowess with a recorded speech. The key is to bring their essence to life so guests can share memories and emotions as they pay them tribute.


A true film is nothing without music, and Tribute Videos are no exception. Ask your client families to provide tracks of the deceased’s favorite tunes, or choose from an online library of music. The software automatically sets transitions so music is synced to photo and screen changes. Photo touch-ups are a breeze and professional motion effects pan and zoom to place emphasis on specific elements as you wish. Other exceptional qualities of the software are the ability to upload to the internet and network so you can share projects between computers.


DVD Tribute Videos are quickly becoming essential at funeral services. Be sure your funeral home provides the best and highest quality videos available today.


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