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Written by Matt Frazer


If you don’t offer Tribute Videos as part of your funeral home services, you may have to deal with your client family’s exasperation with the outside production house that is apparently going to miss the deadline. Save yourself the headaches and look into funeral software!


With the increasing use of Tribute Videos at funerals, many attendees at funeral services leave questioning how to make one of their own. Those close to the client family will usually inquire as to who produced it for them and start with the recommendation given. Those more distant from the client family, feeling uncomfortable discussing such practical matters, generally resort to do-it-yourself versions or may employ a production company in the project. Be certain to promote your funeral home’s abilities to produce Tribute Videos in-house and save client families from the hardships of trying to create a Tribute Video on their own.


The most impressive Tribute Videos include photos, video clips, verbiage, and music. They contain professional transitions and syncing of images to music. This type can be outsourced by clients to a production house or by you, with funeral software and equipment you already have at your funeral home. If you don’t have the funeral software and your client families need to go to a professional production house, there can be disastrous results. Not only are the Tribute Videos usually far more expensive than what it would cost at your funeral home, these types of facilities work for many industries and may not understand the true value. Being solely focused on the funeral industry and sensitive to the circumstances of those ordering the videos, funeral professionals provide an extra touch to grieving clients.


Other issues with using outside facilities include the risk of missing deadlines, which is undesirable for obvious reasons and trying to complement themes that the funeral home may be using on other items. For example, if a client family is ordering all funeral stationery, a funeral candle and perhaps a holiday ornament keepsake reflecting a certain theme, it would be a shame to have the Tribute Video utilizing a different theme. Keeping it all in-house allows for consistency and strict adherence to timing. There is something to be said for having it when you need it!


Now, let’s talk about the possibility of client families making a Tribute Video on their own. Software for businesses like PowerPoint may have some advanced capabilities, but they cater to business clientele. The best option is to use software specifically developed for the funeral profession. With 24/7 technical assistance, amazing ease of creation, and Oscar-worthy results, there is no reason not to offer this exceptional service.


Download Tribute Center for free to create Tribute Videos and other memorial keepsakes for the families you serve!