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Written by Matt Frazer


As Tribute Videos are gaining in popularity, there is a need for funeral professionals to be able to create them to save their client families frustration, time, and money. With Tribute Video creation software, you have every tool you need to create a world-class, stunning, and personalized Tribute Video.


Tribute Videos are among the most requested items that client families have been making to create a truly personalized funeral service. As opposed to a static presentation of photographs attached to boards, Tribute Videos have the power to completely transform the emotional tone of the service.


Making a Tribute Video itself is a breeze. With three simple steps — importing photos and videos, editing to suit your needs, and burning to DVD — you have created a Tribute Video sure to impress.


Importing the Photos and Video

With high-speed scan technology, you can scan one photo every three seconds. Furthermore, you can use as many or as few photos as you wish.


Once scanned and uploaded you can select a coordinating template to match with your funeral stationery and other items. With more than 500 themes to choose from, your client family will not have any difficulty finding a theme to express their loved one. Representing the vast majority of hobbies, professions, and religious affiliations, the themes help establish a foundation of who the deceased was during life.


There are more than 80 moving video clips available that promote the ethereal elements such as waterfalls, clouds, sunrises, and animals. Of course, your client families may wish to use personal videos if they choose.


Editing the Tribute Video

The software automatically sets transitions from screen to screen for you and syncs music to movement with the smart movie creation technology. A photo editor feature allows you to touch up a photo, reduce red eyes, and restore color. You also can add professional motion effects to each photo with pan/zoom technology. It takes only seconds to do and adds vibrancy and dynamism to the video that will keep viewers engaged.


The software also provides a selection of Hollywood-style introductions and endings to the video that adds to the professionalism of the final piece. An online music library provides comfort, hope, and meaning to services. Or you can use music selected by client families.


Burning to DVD

Once your Tribute Video is complete, with a click of the button you can burn it to DVD. Create as many copies as the families wish to purchase and remind them that they can always reorder later too.


Creating a moving and fully-customized presentation, Tribute Videos have an extended life as far as keepsakes go. Putting together a world-class video in-house is unbelievably easy with the Tribute Video creation software.


Download Tribute Center for free to create personalized Tribute Videos for your families!