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Written by Matt Frazer


Expectations in funeral services are increasing as people are exposed to newly available options. Tribute Videos are taking center stage among the most requested services for funerals.


Technology and Funerals

The age of technology — constantly improving at time warp speed — has changed our lives in countless ways. From cellphones (who even remembers rotary dials?) to the home computer offering everything from entertainment to research to shopping, our society has embraced technology with a tenacious hold. While some industries have been forced to adapt to new technology immediately, others have been more reluctant to do so. Professions that have dealt in a one-on-one manner with clients may have viewed technology as adding an impersonal element to their wholly personal client relationship business model. The funeral profession is one that has realized the positive impacts technology can have on business and on the relationships they have with their client families.


With funeral software — relatively new and developed specifically for the funeral profession — major changes are occurring in the planning and personalization of funeral services. Software provides the ability for clients to preplan for funerals online, right down to selecting the funeral stationery that best fits their loved one’s personality. This new funeral software also gives you the ability to create funeral products that truly honor the spirit of the deceased through customization.


Tribute Videos

The overwhelming request for DVD Tribute Videos among client families has made it one product that you should most definitely be familiar with. Added to the poster boards bursting with photographs of the deceased, or in many cases replacing them altogether, Tribute Videos are remembered by many funeral visitors as the pièce de résistance of the service. Including photographs, videos, music, and set to any one of hundreds of themes that best personify the departed, they readily make a stunning impact on mourners.


As the funeral director, your role in creating Tribute Videos is critical, yet the entire process of development is shockingly easy. Funeral software guides you step by step along the way, showing you where to place photos, videos, verbiage, and how to add music. You are able to add motion effects to photos to make them come alive, and will automatically set transitions and sync music. You can touch up photos and can even scan the photos your client families provide in mere seconds. The resulting Tribute Video will be of such professional quality you just may reawaken a creative side of yourself that has long been hidden.


Funeral attendees are often astounded by the exceptional quality of the Tribute Videos and the videos themselves help to establish the tone of the service — a tone of love as memories come flooding back. The Tribute Video serves to draw mourners together to reflect, laugh, cry, and begin the grieving process that helps with healing following the death of a loved one.


Look into the many benefits of funeral software so that you can help create even more special funeral services for your client families.


Download Tribute Center for free to see how easy it is to create your own Tribute Videos!