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Written by Matt Frazer


Interested in providing the best possible service to clients in your community? Looking for a surefire way to make funeral services unique and special? Tribute Videos will lead your funeral home to become the most respected and innovative around.


Tribute Videos are among the most requested products when client families are planning a funeral. You have undoubtedly had client families express their desires to incorporate one within the viewing or memorial service. If you are currently offering this service to your client base, you have seen the impact they make. Transforming a quiet, sullen viewing service into one that includes pictures, video clips, and the favorite music of the deceased, Tribute Videos truly establish a tone like no other funeral product can.


As a funeral is intended to celebrate the life of a unique individual and allows one last event for friends and family to gather in that person’s honor, it is befitting to create an occasion that undeniably accomplishes that. In the past, funeral directors encouraged client families to display photographs around the casket and on a photo or memorial board. Realizing the effect that having personal objects at the service had on visitors, funeral home professionals have long known that the final “sending off” becomes a far more consequential event when the departed is present in some manner. Tribute Videos are merely an extension of this, albeit using funeral profession software designed to create top-notch productions in-house. The benefits to both the funeral professional and client families are numerous.


Let’s look at client benefits. The death of a loved one leaves a terrible void that is never replaced. With time and shared mourning it heals, and life without the deceased — although changed — continues. When funerals are traditional and non-personal, visitors leave without any real connection to the departed.


When Tribute Videos are presented, however, the spirit of the person comes to life. Photographs, video clips, favored psalms, poems or even jokes can be included. Tons of Tribute Video introductions and video endings with themes that represent the deceased’s interests and passions bolster the personal touch. Music is added from extensive libraries available on the software, or from the personal collection of the departed. With professional effects in the software, a faithful and impressive video is the result. Seeing their friend or loved one engaged in the milestones of life aids considerably to the grieving process and inspires sharing of stories among mourners. Easily reproducible and uploaded to the internet, Tribute Videos can be viewed and shared forever.


Funeral directors benefit significantly as well. The software is astonishingly simple to use and DVD Tribute Videos are highly profitable.


Tribute Videos, created with ease and simplicity, add immeasurable value to your business. Client satisfaction, word-of-mouth advertising, and requests for extra copies combine to make it a staple product. All this for an item you create in-house without the need to purchase additional equipment!


Download Tribute Center for free to create meaningful Tribute Videos and other keepsakes for the families you serve!