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Written by Matt Frazer


Did you know that pre-printed funeral companies are insinuating that pre-printed stationery is cheaper than print-on-demand? That’s simply not true!


Print-on-demand funeral stationery keeps costs down, inventory issues down, and offers client families more personalization options than pre-printed funeral stationery. It also enables the funeral professional to have what they need, when they need it.


Take for instance funeral register books. Comparable to pre-printed funeral register books in printing price, print-on-demand registers can be created in-house by the funeral professional and customized to a client family’s wishes. No longer will a family have to settle for a plain, unimaginative funeral register book.


With more than 500 designs to choose from, print-on-demand funeral stationery that’s created with the latest funeral software can interweave the occupation, interests, hobbies, and more throughout the register. These personal and custom images can be displayed in full-color printing on the pages of the funeral register book next to family photos, favorite scripture, or quotes.


These little touches make a big impression. So much so that the entire collection of funeral stationery, including the funeral register book, is not just a plain piece of paper with generic printing but an important part of a family’s collection of keepsakes from their loved one’s life. In fact, these unique keepsakes help tell a loved one’s story and celebrate their life.


Additionally, when creating unique funeral stationery with the latest funeral software, there’s nothing to inventory and no high-cost printer or copy machine to buy or lease. The funeral home can use their own printing equipment, such as a laser jet printer.


This funeral software is available to funeral professionals with no long-term contracts, no upfront costs, no equipment to buy, and no support fees. Using a simple pay-as-you-go system, funeral homes can control costs and provide the highest level of customization available in today’s market.


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