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Written by Matt Frazer


Is it possible to provide incredible funeral stationery that is highly personalized while making a great profit? With new options stemming from simple funeral software, you can.


The National Funeral Directors Association estimates that client families pay $80 for 100 basic funeral programs without a picture. Guest funeral register books also average $80, with more elaborate styles selling for as much as $225. As these items tend to be the most essential to have for a funeral service, client families must struggle between the cost of generic funeral stationery and the desire to personalize their loved one’s funeral.


As a funeral professional, you are fortunate to be able to offer many additional items to the standard programs and register books for a very cost-effective rate. And the beauty is that each and every item can be customized so the deceased’s unique nature is revealed through each piece.


With funeral software designed specifically for the funeral profession, you can easily create fully-personalized funeral stationery for far less than you may think. Consider being able to offer leather-bound funeral register books containing a photograph of the deceased with your client’s choice of paper stock and the ability to personalize pages within the book. Accompanying that, you add 100 memorial folders and 50 acknowledgments and envelopes — all personalized. This “basic” type of package will run your client families about $145, which is a bargain when compared to the lackluster, higher-priced funeral register book and one hundred black and white funeral programs of yesteryear. In addition, you profit handsomely!


For just $345, client families can receive 100 color programs containing a photo and an exceptional funeral register book — all created on simple-to-use funeral software, in-house! Imagine their amazement while planning a funeral and seeking input from your funeral home, when you offer them a completely personalized funeral stationery package at an affordable price. This type of package includes a beautiful, personalized leather-bound funeral register book, 100 tri-fold programs, 50 acknowledgment cards with envelopes, four bookmarks, a professional-level DVD Tribute Video, and a four-sided funeral candle. Keep in mind that each and every one of these items is customized with photographs, favorite quotes or bible verses of the deceased, and music and video where applicable.


With the economic hardships faced by so many these days, why not offer so much MORE for so much LESS? Explore the vast options available to you with funeral software. You will find your profits maximized and your client families very satisfied.


Download Tribute Center for free to create meaningful funeral stationery products for the families you serve!