Written by Sharon Verbeten


I’m working from my local library today, gazing out the window at a nearly perfect (okay, truly perfect, except I’m inside) 75-degree late summer day. Breezes are blowing, people are out riding bikes, children are romping at the playground.


And although I’m inside toiling away, I’m still planning on enjoying myself later today, when I can tear myself away from my laptop. That’s tough for me, and I know it must be tough for some of you as well. Workaholics we may be, but I’ve been reminded all too often that I need to take time for myself.


“When?” I posit.


So today, in honor of this pre-autumnal tease of a day here in Northeast Wisconsin (I hope you’re enjoying one wherever you are), I offer these tips for enjoying “it” while you can, whatever your “it” is.

  • Improvise. Since I had to work this morning and couldn’t be outside to enjoy the day, I made sure to work near the biggest picture window I could to soak it all in. Okay, it’s a bit distracting, too, but a little bit of distraction in your day is okay with me.
  • Allow yourself a break. As owner of my own editing/writing firm, I’m my toughest boss. I find it very hard to take a break when I know I could be working. If I run to the post office on business, I won’t even allow myself to stop at the cute little gift shop next door. I try to keep my business hat on at all times during the business day, but there are days when even I allow myself permission to take a short (20-minute) refreshment break (walk around the block, trip to the coffee shop for my favorite iced tea, etc.). Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Be thankful for the business you have — whether it’s a slow week or an incredibly crazy month — but don’t be afraid to recharge. It’ll make you a better employee or a better boss.


Do it while you can. As we know all too well in this business, time is short, smell the flowers while you can.


Now, don’t you have somewhere else you’d like to be — even for a few minutes?


Freelance writer/editor Sharon Verbeten has written about the funeral profession — in trade journals and online — for more than 20 years. She lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


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