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Written by Matt Frazer


What makes a client family proud of how they are saying farewell to a loved one will also compel them to promote your business. A personalized funeral, complete with custom funeral stationery, DVD Tribute Videos and more is an ideal way to memorialize the deceased in a way that encourages sharing comfort and memories, helping to foster the grieving process for mourners. For these reasons, they are beneficial to all who are part of the service — families, attendees, and the funeral home professional.


You have most likely noticed that personalized funerals are gaining more prominence within the funeral profession. Many client families have attended such ceremonies and have felt a connection with the departed that is usually lacking in more traditional services. The inclusion of personal items such as funeral register books and other funeral stationery laced with photographs, other cherished objects, and a custom Tribute Video filled with sentimental funeral music, all work in concert to create an atmosphere that represents the character and passions of the deceased.


This generates discussion and sharing of memories and turns a dreaded event into a true celebration of a life well lived. Your client families and funeral service attendees will leave with a feeling of comfort and contentment and will attribute much of that to your devoted role. On a more pragmatic level, as admiration for your dedicated services and attention to details spreads by word of mouth, your funeral home will enjoy increased business and a distinguished reputation.


As the authority on funeral products and services, you are able to offer many options to further personalize the ceremony. Tribute Videos are almost universally loved by mourners, presenting a visual history of their beloved set to music and including treasured poems, quotes, or psalms. Customized funeral register books, memorial folders, and other funeral stationery, as well as candles and keepsakes such as holiday ornaments, are all able to capture the essence of the departed. Traditional, non-customized stationery and keepsakes are symbolic, but lack relevance to the deceased due to their impersonal nature. Kept for posterity, they’re not brought out on anniversaries or for seeking comfort during difficult times for those left behind. You will find that objects and stationery that personify the departed are highly cherished and reorders will be frequent.


As you would for a traditional service, getting to know the deceased through the client family is critical to a successful personalized funeral. Familiarity with their beloved’s hobbies, profession, lifestyle, and volunteer or military service will enable you to recommend products and services to best illuminate the essence of the life being honored. Placing keepsakes and mementos in and near the casket that once belonged to the departed serve to help tell the story of his or her life. Awards, a golf club, chess pieces — these types of personal objects share an intimate connection with the deceased. This helps the bereaved to recall long-lasting memories and attendees will use them to nurture their grieving process.


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