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Written by Matt Frazer


As a funeral professional, you are working with people during one of the most difficult experiences they will face — planning the ceremony to bid farewell to a loved one. As an authority on the funeral planning process, you are not only providing the necessary logistical and legal assistance but also helping the family communicate the importance of their loved one’s passing to the community through personalized funeral stationery.


The days following the death of a loved one forge a unique bond between you and your client families. Depending on you to guide them through the many details of a funeral while they are struggling with their own grief, client families are grateful for your expertise and direction. In this age of technology, you are in the perfect position to be able to offer highly personalized items not available even 10 years ago.


With your own funeral home’s computer and in-house printer, you can upload, create, print, and bind stunning funeral register books. While showing client families other funeral stationery options, be sure to point out that all items can be customized. Using the same theme consistently for prayer cards, acknowledgment cards, memorial folders, etc. serves to establish a cohesive feeling and a sense of unity. Seeing a photograph of the deceased in the prime of his or her life, and custom themed funeral stationery connects mourners to the lifeforce that runs through all of us. It is a reminder that although we may no longer be present in physical form, our memories and the impact we have made on others continue indefinitely.


Keepsakes and Funeral Stationery

As we journey through our lives, we collect mementos from important events. Tucked away in a safe place they may be brought out from time to time to inspire memories of loved ones and of ourselves from times gone by. These tangible pieces of our history provide evidence of our passage through time; they are cherished proof of our triumphs and struggles. Often funeral stationery, including funeral register books, are put aside and kept in a special place as keepsakes and family genealogy records.


As a funeral professional, providing personalized keepsakes and funeral stationery enables you to be part of a family’s history. There are many things you can do to show your devotion to your client families, and a personalized funeral is perhaps one of the most special. Help them demonstrate their love for their departed by suggesting these personalized funeral stationery products.


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