A red candle on a table.


Written by Matt Frazer


Personalization of funerals is a surefire way to increase your business. Client families find that services reflecting the passions of the deceased are more significant and help with the grieving process. The ability to offer your client families unique keepsakes that celebrate their loved ones’ personalities will do wonders for your reputation as a premier funeral home.


Funeral Candles

Personalized funeral candles are becoming one of the fastest-growing keepsakes in the funeral profession. A recent study conducted on the use of keepsakes reported that more than 40% of funeral homes display some version of a personalized candle at each service.


The reasons for having candles at funeral services are self-evident; light and fire have been long regarded as life-affirming as well as life renewing. Their soft, flickering glow lends a sense of warmth to the environment and this provides comfort to the bereaved.


With the relatively recent advent of personalizing funerals, traditional elements such as funeral candles are now customized with photographs, favorite poems and bible verses, and verbiage that illustrates the character of the deceased. Funeral software programs that are particularly easy to use allow you to create one-of-a-kind, beautiful keepsakes for client families to take home and light to enjoy hundreds of hours of peaceful reflection and comfort.


Funeral Software

With software designed specifically for the funeral profession, you will be able to make impressive four-sided personalized candles. The most elegant candles have beveled glass panels and wood bases, which provide a sense of substantial sturdiness. Software templates supply hundreds of themes to choose as a background for the images and text you will add, allowing you to customize to reflect the deceased’s interests. Upload the photographs and phrasing you wish to use, and with a click of your mouse, they are added to the themed background. Print and insert into the glass panels, and applaud your creative abilities. It truly is that easy!


The inserts are kept safe within layers of glass so they are protected against the candle flame. Once the wax candles have burned out, they can be replaced so the candle may be enjoyed for many years. All-natural wax candles are the best for the environment, as they will not release neurotoxins and carcinogens into the air.


Make one as a surprise gift for your client families and display next to the funeral register book. Be sure to match the theme to that which was already selected by the family for the register book, memorial folders, acknowledgments, and bookmarks or whatever funeral stationery has been requested.


Download Tribute Center for free to create personalized candles and other memorial keepsakes for the families you serve!