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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral register books are no longer strictly recordkeeping books. With personalization through themes, photos, and favorite quotes or sayings, these once solemn and dull staple funeral stationery products help loved ones celebrate the individuality of the deceased.


When planning the funeral of a beloved family member, be sure you make a lasting impression of your love with a personalized funeral register book.


As the bereaved enter the funeral parlor, one of the first “official” funeral elements they encounter is the funeral register book. Usually situated in the reception area, the register book relieves visitors of the angst-causing “what do we do?” question. Upon seeing the funeral register book, they know that the first thing they need to do is to record his or her presence. If the funeral register book is filled with pictures of their loved one and a theme that matches the occupation, hobby or special interest of that person, it will instantly be a memorable moment.


Funeral register books were once unimaginative, dull books that served their purpose but without any representation of the deceased. No longer utilitarian tools used simply to identify visitors for follow-up correspondence, funeral register books can now be the first funeral products seen by visitors that reflect the personality of the departed.


Using exceptional materials such as leather, fabrics, and inserts that have a professionally printed feel, your client families have great versatility in customization. A favorite photograph of the deceased can be featured on the front and additional photos can be included on the internal pages of the funeral register book. Blank stock allows for full-color art, the inclusion of favorite hymns or quotes, and almost anything imaginable. Hundreds of themes representing almost every hobby, occupation, interest, and religious background are available for page backgrounds.


Your client families will be grateful when you display the various options in funeral register book materials, themes, and templates available to them. You also will be grateful for the funeral software developed for funeral professionals that enables you to provide such an elegant piece of funeral stationery with ease and simplicity. Simple, pre-formatted designs will guide you through the process of adding photos and text. Theme selection also is a breeze and with a few clicks, you will have created a one-of-a-kind funeral register book that helps mourners vividly recall special memories of their loved one on each and every page.


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