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Written by Matt Frazer


Personalize thank-you cards, funeral programs, register books, prayer cards, and memorial folders to give your clients unique, keepsake-quality items of funeral stationery.


Funeral Stationery

Funeral stationery can be an important part of the services you offer to client families. As a funeral director, you know that personalization adds meaning to these items. When you use funeral software templates designed especially for the purpose of funeral personalization, you create individualized items that add value for your clients and for your business.


Consider thank-you cards, for example. Some pre-printed cards feature drawings or pictures, along with a few polite lines of thanks. While adequate, they fail to convey a sense of the person who is extending the thank you, or the person whose life is being commemorated.


When you add a photo of the deceased and a quotation that had special meaning, you make a simple thank-you card much more meaningful. For example, inserting a picture of a mother who loved to host family gatherings, along with one of her often-quoted remarks to her guests, adds a touch of emotion and meaning to a small gesture of courtesy. No longer a formal, stilted offering, such a card tells the recipient that care has been taken even in this little task and that their attendance, efforts, and offerings were appreciated.


Other Funeral Stationery Items

Similarly, personalized register books tell visitors that their presence matters. A register book assembled with attention to every page — featuring photos, quotations, poetry, prose, or sacred text — gives the impression that the family will reread it. A visitor who signs such a book will no doubt feel that the family will view their name repeatedly, as well.


Other funeral stationery items serve as personalized guides to the funeral or memorial service. Funeral programs or memorial service programs, imprinted with photos and text along with the elements of the service, may also feature a message from the family. Prayer cards or memorial folders are small, takeaway items that are especially poignant reminders and mementos.


Tie all of your clients’ funeral stationery items together with a theme that represents the life of their loved one. For example, a family might choose a cat theme for a dedicated animal lover, a fishing rod and reel for a sportsman, or classic cars for an automobile enthusiast.


Personalized funeral stationery speaks to mourners about the unique life their loved one lived. Each layer of personalization that you add increases the meaning and value of the funeral stationery you provide for your clients. When you take the time to create these individualized items, you show your clients that you want to provide a service that is as unique as their loved one’s life.


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