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Written by Matt Frazer


Personal and meaningful DVD Tribute Videos add beautiful memories to a funeral service or viewing.


Tribute Videos

When you lose someone you love, your memories become even more important to you. If you’re fortunate enough to have preserved them through photos, videos, letters, cards, and even music, you have the makings of a unique, intensely personal DVD Tribute Video.


Your funeral director, using software that allows him to insert scanned photos and uploaded videos and music, can assemble a unique DVD that reflects your loved one’s life. Together with your funeral professional, you’ll select the items to include and decide their order of appearance.


Tribute Video Personalization

Such software also features themes that tie all of your selections together. You may choose from themes that illustrate occupations, interests, hobbies, and skills — or, if you prefer, one that has a more general appeal, such as nature or pets. The theme will appear throughout the video, adding continuity and context to the very personal elements you add.


After you’ve chosen the theme, add text as the final element to bring your tribute together. If you have a flair for the written word, you might create a narrative for the video from beginning to end or, if you prefer to use others’ words, you could choose quotes, poetry, or prose to sprinkle throughout your DVD Tribute Video. Sacred passages, quotations from the famous or from people known only to your immediate circle of family and friends, blocks of prose taken from a favorite book — any or all of these things will add richness and depth to your memorial video.


For even more emotional impact, add an overlay of music. Select spiritually uplifting hymns your loved one treasured, popular music that represents the prime of their life or, if they were musically talented, a recording of them singing or playing an instrument, or a rendition of a song they composed.


Add a pinch of humor with audio clips of cartoon voices or celebrities, if it would have tickled their funny bone. With the vast treasure of clips available on the internet, you have an almost unlimited resource at your disposal.


A feature now being offered with some software programs is a movie-like clip to use at the beginning and end of your Tribute Videos. Professionally done, these clips add polish and flair while keeping to the theme you’ve chosen.


Your DVD Tribute Videos will be unique, a creation of your heart. Play it during viewing hours to share with visitors, or use it as a centerpiece of the funeral service. Ask your funeral director to burn copies for you to distribute to family and friends because it will be a treasure you’ll want to share.


Download Tribute Center for free today to create your own meaningful Tribute Videos for the families you serve!