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Written by Matt Frazer


As a funeral professional, you’re the most important resource to client families in the days following a loved one’s death. They rely on your knowledge of products and services to create a memorable celebration of the departed. With so many aspects of funerals becoming more personalized, consider integrating technology to provide the best products, such as customized funeral register books.


Funeral Register Books

Funeral register books provide a record of visitors, used for thank-you cards and a simple reminder of service attendees. Thanks to software that creates on-demand, customizable register books, you can show your client families how much more intimate and individualized they can make their loved one’s funeral.


The staid, generic funeral register books used for an eternity served their purpose. However, client families had few options and funeral professional had to carry and keep track of inventory. With software that includes pre-designed and pre-formatted templates, you can easily create funeral register books to reflect different hobbies and interests. Simply use your funeral home’s printer and blank paper stock that you order as needed.


Personalized Funeral Register Books

The result is a fully-personalized funeral register book that sets the tone for the funeral from the moment guests arrive at the viewing. Reminders of their loved one through photographs and imagery that recall his or her interests brings a sense of comfort among mourners. By utilizing the themes and images in other items of funeral stationery, such as memorial folders, prayer cards, and acknowledgments, the departed is truly celebrated in ways that best represented him or her during life.


Register book covers are available in a variety of colors and fabrics, and you can order in any mix you desire. The best part about template-driven funeral registry software is that, aside from the printers most funeral homes already have purchased and use in-house, there is no need for additional equipment.


Funeral Software

If you feel intimidated by technology, don’t worry — today’s software programs are amazingly easy to use. Technical support is widely available. After a few times, you’ll be a pro at creating the most personalized funeral stationery.


Now is the time to upgrade your technology options. The incoming generation of funeral professionals is more than likely comfortable with most new technologies. In order to remain competitive, it’s important that funeral professionals embrace the latest options.


Make your funeral home stand apart from the rest. By offering the most personalization possibilities, you’ll grow your business while exceeding the expectations of your client families.


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