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Written by Matt Frazer


Having to miss a loved one’s funeral due to distance, time conflicts, or financial restraints is never an easy thing to face. Funeral webcasting is the answer to this problem.


Meaning of Funerals

Are you witnessing families overcome with grief facing the very real possibility that crucial family members and friends will not be able to attend the services honoring their dearly departed? There is an easy solution to this disconcerting dilemma, and one that we urge you to consider: a funeral webcast, effectively allowing the far-off bereaved to attend the online funeral of the deceased.


In this struggling economy, more people are willing to relocate for employment opportunities, leaving many friends and family members behind them. Similarly, hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops are stationed overseas, deployed in 150 countries across the planet. As a result, families are likely to be spread all over the United States and around the globe. While this is inconvenient in many ways, it is particularly distressing when a friend or family member far away passes on. Funerals are most meaningful when they include a significant portion of those who loved the deceased, and the experience can help provide mourners with the closure they need. With most people owning a computer or smartphone in this era of technology, one can share in their departed loved one’s celebration of life without traveling through a funeral webcast.


Funeral Webcasting

Also called an online funeral, a webcast is simple for a funeral professional to execute, utilizing basic equipment — a tripod or ceiling mount, HD camera, wireless microphone, and a USB video capture device. Webcasting funeral software offers live and delayed streaming, giving mourners the option to watch as the service is occurring, or later if time zones and schedules prevent attendance at the time of the funeral. The software and computers are connected via many servers across the world to ensure global distribution through the most reliable video streaming servers. Technical support, if needed, can be provided by your funeral software consultant to support any user ability level 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, video editing capabilities enable you to edit the beginning and end of the webcast and add captions and more, all at the click of a button. The funeral webcasting software provides families with a complete, affordable, and long-lasting keepsake to honor their departed.


With the new funeral software available today, you are able to offer your client families so much more than you were even 10 years ago. Grieving family members unable to attend the funeral of a loved one can now share in the celebration of life through an online funeral, giving them comfort while providing support to the family.


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