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Written by Matt Frazer


Today’s funeral stationery items are highly personal. Take advantage of this growing trend and give your clients the special, meaningful products they want.


Funeral stationery is one of the ways in which a funeral home can add a special touch to a family’s experience. With funeral software programs that allow you to add themes, scanned photos, images, and text, you can create unique and personal items such as funeral register books, prayer cards, memorial folders, and even keepsakes.


Your clients can choose one photo to be printed on all of their stationery items, or they may decide to use a different photo, or even multiple photos, for one item. Possibilities for design are limitless with hundreds of themes to choose from. And online theme viewers make it easy for families to make a selection in the comfort of their own home. Once they’ve made their selection, they give you a call and you can quickly and easily create more meaningful funeral stationery in-house.


Types of Funeral Stationery Available for Personalization

Funeral register books tell visitors that the family cares about their presence. A register book assembled with attention to every page — featuring photos, quotations, poetry, prose, or sacred text — gives the impression that people will view the book many times. A visitor who signs such a book will no doubt feel that the family will view his name many times.


Insert a different photo for each page and, accompanied by a quotation or line of sacred text, the book becomes a unique representation of the person who has passed away. Visitors may spend time browsing through the book, taking comfort in the images and messages it contains.


Prayer cards, when printed on both sides, can create a large impact in a small space. You can arrange photos of the deceased, accompanied by prayers, sacred text, and poetry, in a variety of ways to create a visually-pleasing and meaningful keepsake. You also can create bookmarks with the advanced funeral software. These are a practical and useful gift for mourners to take away with them.


Memorial folders can also be personalized with photos, images, and text. Although more secular in nature than prayer cards, they serve a similar purpose. They carry a message representing the character or outlook of the deceased and can be mementos for distribution to mourners.


A funeral service program or memorial service program lists the main event of the funeral service itself. These programs feature a front and back cover, along with several inner pages. The front cover may feature a photo of your loved one, along with the date, time, and location of the funeral service, while the back cover may contain a poem, quotation, or prayer, as well as a personal message from the family. Inside, there’s a list of the elements of the service.


All of these funeral stationery items can employ a theme that ties them together visually, such as an occupation or hobby. However you choose to create them, they are very personal mementos for every person who receives them.


Download Tribute Center for free today to create personalized funeral stationery and other mementos for the families you serve.