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Written by Matt Frazer


Never again will funeral stationery be dull and impersonal. Times are changing, and what is now known as traditional funeral stationery will be a thing of the past. Now unique, fully customizable pieces of stationery that funeral professionals can create in-house using blank stock and an advanced funeral software program are what families are asking for and want.


Traditional Funeral Stationery

Traditionally, a funeral home would purchase pre-printed paper for their funeral stationery. This meant the funeral home would need to stock inventory of each design and each individual item and only being able to print names and dates on each piece. In many instances, to control costs or because of a supplier policy, funeral professionals would need to order a minimum number of each item. The expense to house and maintain this inventory meant the number of selections was limited. A funeral home may have only had two or three options from which families could choose.


Funeral Stationery Today

Today, families want more personalization and funeral professionals want lower costs. Funeral software advances allow funeral professionals and client families not only to have a vast assortment of personalization options to choose from, but also not need to inventory pre-printed stock. Funeral stationery can now be printed on demand from blank, perforated stock using software-driven layouts. This is a win-win for both client families and the funeral professional.


The funeral software and print-on-demand program provide everything needed for register book pages, memorial folders, prayer cards, acknowledgments, bookmarks, signs, DVD packaging, and even candles. Additionally, there are more than 500 themes available to match any hobby, religious background, occupation, or interest. This is funeral stationery personalization at its best.


More funeral professionals are choosing to use the faster and easier way of creating high-quality, personalized funeral stationery through the use of these template design layouts. Doing so makes perfect sense in the funeral profession because funeral planning is such a time-sensitive event. The majority of families do not have a lot of time to devote to the creation of personalized funeral stationery. Yet, they certainly want to create a special keepsake for family, friends, and attendees at their loved one’s final life celebration.


Funeral professionals now have the ability to offer client families an almost unlimited selection for a truly personalized and complete set of funeral stationery. This new technology has eased the worries of cost, inventory concerns, the difficulty of production, and timeliness for funeral homes as well.


Download Tribute Center for free today to create personalized funeral stationery and other mementos for the families you serve.