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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral stationery is an important part of the overall experience that you, as a funeral director, deliver to your clients. With personalization options made possible by today’s software, you can make that experience even more meaningful.


Funeral Stationery Items

The stationery items you offer to your clients, such as register books and thank-you cards, were once very standardized. Register books, with black covers and blank pages, served the basic purpose of recording the names of visitors to the viewing at the funeral home. No doubt those books found their way into cardboard boxes, to attics and basements, and never looked at again.


There wasn’t a variety of thank-you cards, either blank or with short verses printed inside. They were a fulfillment of a necessary chore, but little more. With software that allows you to add pictures, text, and themes to all items of funeral stationery, these and other items can be much more than they used to be.


Personalizing Funeral Stationery

Consider, for example, a family who cherishes the poetry written by a person they have just lost. Entering that poetry into your funeral software, you can print extremely personal pages for a guest register book, thank-you cards, and candle inserts.


Image printing a different poem for each page of the guest book, or using four different verses for the candle inserts. You create a publication to cherish long after its initial purpose.


In the same vein, you can add original artwork to funeral stationery. From a child’s drawings to a professional artist’s rendering of his subject, such artwork makes an impact far greater than the short time you spend scanning it into your funeral software and adding it to a template. Few people will want to put such items into cardboard boxes and stow them away. Rather, they will become cherished mementos.


Personalization helps your clients feel that the special qualities they appreciated in a loved one are valued and acknowledged in a very public way. Sharing prose, poetry, photos, artwork or even song lyrics conveys to visitors, family, and friends that the person who has just passed from this life was unique, special and cherished.


Creating a Theme

Along with text, photos or artwork, adding a theme that represents an interest, hobby or occupation creates another layer of personalization and conveys information about the deceased person in a very striking, visual way. Software programs offer a variety of such themes, allowing your clients to choose one that closely mirrors the life they’re honoring.


A nurse or doctor officer might be honored with a depiction of a stethoscope, for example, while the stationery items you create for a golfer might features tees and golf bags. By using all of these elements, you create unique stationery items for each client you serve and add depth and value to your services.

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