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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral stationery, once a one-size-fits-all type solution, is evolving. The latest funeral software now available to funeral professionals makes creating completely customized funeral stationery easy and affordable.


Funeral Stationery and Other Mementos

In the past, there was little choice when it came to pre-printed guest books, prayer cards, and thank-you cards were standard. The name of the deceased and some dates were all the personalization options available. Today, however, funeral software programs allow funeral directors to choose themes, add pictures and text, customize backgrounds and print personalized products.


Adding to the unique aspect of each funeral, other funeral products, such as tribute videos, funeral candles and keepsakes for the mourners, can also be personalized with this new funeral software. Everything down to the cover of the DVD of the tribute video can carry the same theme to really bring together all the components of the funeral.



Funeral directors can offer client families more than 500 themes and unlimited personalization options to better reflect and honor a loved one. Easy-to-use, menu-driven funeral software allows a funeral director to choose a theme, whether it’s one to reflect an occupation, hobby, or other interest. Upload pictures, add captions, add music, and set transitions with a few keystrokes. The funeral stationery virtually comes to life and speaks to the nature of the deceased — bright and sunny yellow flowers for a cheerful, sunny person; deep purple impressions of a forest or stream for a quiet, thoughtful, introspective one. No two sets of funeral stationery need to ever be the same again.


With today’s trend toward personalization in many aspects of life, it’s not surprising that mourners wish to personalize every detail of a funeral for a person they loved and now miss greatly. By creating a funeral register book with a cherished photo on the cover, prayer cards featuring the deceased’s favorite prayer along with a poem they wrote and their picture, candles displaying photos from special events in a loved one’s life, or any number of personalized mementos for the mourners, you not only add value to the services; you add another layer of comfort and meaning for the family and other mourners.


Funeral Software

Funeral directors reluctant to try to use this new funeral software, fear not! Although you might not consider yourself to be computer literate, today’s software programs are highly intuitive and easy to use, with help sections that explain how to customize the items each family wants. If you’re uncertain about your ability to design and print such personalized stationery, ask your funeral consultant to see a free trial of the software. You’ll soon understand how quick and easy it is to use the program and what a valuable addition to your business it is, and a cherished addition to the experiences of your clients.


Download Tribute Center for free today to create personalized funeral stationery and other mementos for the families you serve.