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Written by Matt Frazer


Tired of stocking inventory for your funeral stationery? Are your client families asking for more options for their loved ones’ funeral stationery? Do you want an easy solution to customizing funeral stationery in-house? Print-on-demand is the answer.


Using the funeral home’s own printing equipment, print-on-demand does not lock a funeral home into printing a particular sum if it isn’t necessary. With specialized funeral software, a funeral home can print only what’s needed, when it’s needed, and know the result will be the most professional, low-cost, and fully customized funeral printing available. If the family asks for more copies last minute — no problem! Simply access the funeral software and print a few more copies of whatever piece of funeral stationery you need.


But let’s back up a minute and give you a broader picture. In the past, a funeral home would purchase pre-printed paper for their funeral stationery. The funeral home had to stock inventory for each design, which would limit the number of options a family would have to select from. Not only did the different register books, funeral programs, prayer cards, and other stationery take up room in the storage area, but mistakes were more costly and reorders had to be managed or the funeral home could run out of a popular piece.


With the invention of advanced funeral software, funeral professionals and client families not only have a vast assortment of personalization options to choose from, but there’s also no need to inventory pre-printed stock. Funeral stationery can now be printed on demand from blank, perforated stock using software templates that have been pre-created and saved in the funeral software.


The funeral software and print-on-demand program provide everything needed for register book pages, memorial folders, prayer cards, acknowledgments, bookmarks, signs, DVD packaging, and even candles. Additionally, there are more than 500 themes available to match any hobby, religious background, occupation, or interest.


Pre-printed funeral stationery is a thing of the past. As times change, there are new opportunities to enhance a life celebration. Providing client families with the next generation of personalized funeral stationery is one great option. Thankfully, with new technology, all things are possible and they’re easy too!


Client families will be extremely pleased with the selection and quality of the funeral stationery and keepsakes created with this funeral software. So not only is this a win for the funeral home and the office staff, but it’s a win for the families you serve as well.


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