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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral webcasting, meaning to view a live or recorded funeral online, can benefit family and friends unable to attend a funeral in person, but also the funeral director.


Many funeral directors now offer online webcasts of funeral services. If you are a funeral director and you haven’t considered webcasting, you may be neglecting to offer a service that your clients want and need.


As the internet became an increasingly larger part of everyday life, it was only a matter of time until the technology integrated into the funeral profession. To broadcast live events, such as a funeral or memorial service over the internet, all you need is a web camera, funeral software, and a host website.


With help from a funeral consultant, you can learn how to set up one or more cameras in your funeral chapel, use the funeral webcasting software and broadcast a funeral over the internet. You’ll also learn how easy it is to record the service for later viewing.


Your funeral webcasting consultant can advise you about the number of cameras you’ll need and how to position them for optimum coverage. They’ll also provide the software for you to easily download and walk you through that process as well. Additionally, your funeral webcasting consultant will teach you how to use the webcasting software with minimal fuss. You can access their server that will relay the funeral services to a website, where anyone with internet access can view them. They’ll also provide technical help when you have a problem or a question.


If you aren’t convinced that you need to offer this service to your clients, do a bit of research before you decide. When you’re helping a family to plan a funeral, ask if they would use this service if it were available. Although some of your clients may not have heard about funeral webcasting until they were involved in planning a funeral, you will probably find that many of them are interested.


There several reasons to integrate webcasting into your list of services. You can offer your clients the opportunity to invite friends and family who otherwise would not be able to participate while adding another source of revenue to your business. Your brand will be visible to potential clients who might not have seen it offline. You will also build goodwill by offering the video online for a number of months after the service.


With the prevalence of internet use in our everyday lives, it makes sense to take advantage of a technology that will benefit both you and your clients.


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