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Written by Matt Frazer


A funeral register book is an integral part of the funeral visitation. Choosing a personalized theme will bring comfort to you and your visitors.


Funeral register books are the first thing friends and family members who come to the funeral home will see. As they arrive to offer their sympathy and to comfort, they sign their names in the register book as a reminder of their presence.


History of Funeral Register Books

Historically, the register books were often just a simple notebook-type volume with lined pages where visitors signed their names. The book served the function of assuring the mourners that the family would know that they cared enough to attend the visitation. Additionally, families often used the register books to use as a guide to writing thank-you cards to those who attended the services.


While the simplicity of a register book with spaces just for signatures, is all that was needed in the past, many bereaved family members wish to personalize all of the funeral stationery to have a more complete life celebration.


Funeral Register Books Today

Today, funeral register books can be much more than a simple journal of signatures and dates. With the trend toward personalization of every detail of a funeral, from the visitation to the service and eulogy, the register book has evolved from a mere record book to a medium in which visitors and the family can express themselves. It has become a memorial in itself to the life of your loved one.


Funeral register books are now a collaborative memento that will bring comfort to you long after the service is over. Starting with the cover of the register book, there are many selections appropriate for both sexes and all ages. Some new style books even enable the family to include a favorite photo. The inner pages, where guests sign their names may also include space to write personal condolences, tell stories or recall favorite memories. The family can also include additional pages with a favorite poem or lyrics to a special song. You also can include photographs with captions. All of the pages of the register book will carry the same theme used on all the other funeral stationery making a wonderful collection of cohesive stationery. Each piece will be a special, unique funeral keepsake.


Now as family and friends sign the funeral register book, they are encouraged to include comments on the photos and share significant memories of their loved one. The funeral register book can now be more than just a record-keeping device it can be a memento that captures stories about specific times in a loved one’s life, shared memories and special events.


As you read what visitors have written, you may see some tributes that surprise you or some that remind you of the ways in which your loved one touched others’ lives. Others will bring you comfort or, perhaps, evoke memories that you have forgotten.


However you approach the personalization of your funeral register book, it can become a memento that you will cherish and look at often.


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