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Written by Matt Frazer


A collection of your favorite photos of a loved one can be a very moving memorial for a funeral. Incorporated into a tribute video, along with music, video clips, custom themes, and backgrounds, they become more than a static display.


Looking at photos of our loved ones bring back many memories. Whether they’re on special occasions such as weddings and graduations, or candid shots of everyday life, they evoke the thoughts and feeling that were in our minds and hearts at the time they were taken.


When we lose a loved one, we naturally turn to things that bring back those happy times and fond memories. We may decide to create a display of our photos for others to see when they visit the funeral home, or to show on a screen during the funeral service.


Although such a display is a moving and evocative memorial to a loved one, today’s tribute video software makes it possible to create a video tribute that combines photos, videos, music, and text, along with professionally created openings and endings.


With tribute video software, your funeral professional can create a deeply personal and meaningful video that is unique to your loved one. Offering a large number of themes, this software allows you to choose an occupation, hobby or interest that will unify the funeral stationery and even the funeral webcast. The theme selected should reflect the focus and passions of your loved one’s life.


You’ll be able to choose a cinematic opening worthy of a blockbuster movie, adding text along with the very important and relevant details that announce the focus of the video: the cherished person whose life has so recently ended. Add photos, video clips from every occasion you choose, favorite music, prayers, sacred text, poetry, quotations, selections from favorite books, and written memories offered by family members and friends to create a one-of-a-kind video tribute.


You could spend several days assembling these elements, using your own computer and software programs, searching our royalty-free music to enhance your effort. Or, you could take advantage of a service offered by your funeral director, who will take your photos and videos, add any music you choose from a large library included with his software and include whatever textual material you wish.


The result will be a tribute video that you can play during visitation at the funeral home or as a stunning backdrop to the service itself. Your funeral director can upload the tribute video to the funeral homes website so that friends and family can view it, whether or not they were able to attend the services. He will also burn DVD copies for you and as many others as you like so that it will become a lasting memorial to the one you love.


Download Tribute Center for free today to create your own tribute videos for the families you serve.