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Written by Matt Frazer


If you’ve ever had a problem with attending a funeral because of distance, work obligations or other reasons, you know how distressing it can be. Funeral webcasting offers a solution.


Sometimes it just isn’t possible to get away, even to attend the funeral of someone dear to you. Your job, your health, your finances or any number of reasons might prevent you from traveling. In the past, you’d have had to settle for sending a sympathy card or making a phone call.


Attending a funeral virtually, although it certainly can’t provide you with the same experience as attending in person, can offer you comfort nonetheless. Viewing a webcast from the comfort of your home can be very therapeutic for those who are simply unable to attend a funeral in person. It still gives you the opportunity to honor your loved one, see family and friends and be a part of the funeral or memorial service.


As more and more families and friends, separated by distance and personal obligations, are unable to attend in person, funeral directors are offering webcasts of funeral services. Webcasting uses one or more cameras mounted in the funeral chapel to record and relay the video to a private and secure website owned by the funeral director. The family of the deceased can invite relatives, friends, business associates or others to view the service by sending emails through a messaging system on the funeral home’s website. This helps to ensure that the virtual attendees have a legitimate reason for accessing the service.


The funeral webcast can also be protected with a password to keep casual or accidental visitors from “dropping in.” With the initial invite would be the website address which the bereaved can visit, and a username and password to access the service. This way, the event remains as private as the family wishes.


After the service, a video is stored on the website for a period of time determined by the family. You also can have the video password-protected to prevent strangers from viewing it. This unique feature enables viewers to watch the service live or recorded at a time that is more convenient to them. Also, mourners can view the webcast as often as they wish.


Although you may have reservations about participating in such a deeply-felt ceremony as a funeral through the internet, a webcast will allow you to see and hear everything as it happens. Imagine listening to a moving eulogy as it’s happening, or reciting prayers along with the other mourners. Today, funeral software and technology is providing funeral solutions that most never dreamed possible, like funeral webcasting.


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