A red candle on a table.


Written by Matt Frazer


Candles are used at funerals and memorial services to symbolize both life and spirit. The soft, flickering light of a candle seems to say, “I am still with you.”


A funeral candle’s glow, so warm and comforting, is an integral part of a life’s celebration. It reminds us of other special occasions in which candles are used: birthdays, wedding ceremonies, and religious services. All of these events are enhanced by the gently moving flames of candles.


Funeral Candles

During a funeral or memorial service, as the flame of the funeral candle moves and shifts, it casts shadows and creates highlights that draw the eyes to whatever is displayed below it. The movement reminds us of life moving forward, of the spirit going onward. The light of life, the shadow of death, the continuum of our earthly experiences, are present in the candle’s glow.


The final celebration of a life is completely enriched by the presence of the light of the funeral candles. Whether they are tall tapers glowing on an altar, a bank of votives flickering in a memorial offering, or stately pillars in floor stands flanking the coffin. Funeral candles seem to offer a presence all their own. Perhaps this is one reason that memorial candles are comforting, whether they’re displayed at the funeral home for visitors to see, or given as mementos to family members and friends.


Funeral candles, with or without a personal message or display, can offer light during the darkness of grief. They can be saved and cherished, brought out to be lit for annual memorials, or displayed year-round.


Funeral Software

With today’s funeral software, there are almost limitless possibilities in creating personalized funeral candles. A family can choose to imprint photos and text, add scriptures and notes. The possibilities truly are endless. Funeral candles have become one more medium for expressing the essence of a loved one’s life in a truly exceptional, personal way.


Whether simple or adorned, candles can reflect a simple statement about a loved one’s life. No matter your preference, be it an elegant pillar candle, imprinted with a copy of a prayer card, is a lasting memento. A four-sided glass funeral candle holder that allows paper inserts to be slipped between two layers of glass casts a warm glow on photos, written tributes and saying. Both types of funeral candles are unique and lasting reminders of a loved one who has passed away.


Many personalized funeral candles can be created in-house by your funeral professional. They are offered along with funeral stationery as part of a funeral director’s services. They can be used in a display during visitation along with flowers, or perhaps given as mementos to family members who can’t be present at the funeral service itself.


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