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Written by Matt Frazer


Tribute videos are special, moving ways to honor the life of someone who has passed away. Share all those special moments with everyone by including still pictures, videos, and music.


Memorial tribute videos are fast becoming the norm at most funeral and memorial services. We are fortunate to live in an age when we can capture the essence of our loved ones on film, in pictures and on audio tape. Utilizing tribute video software, your funeral director can take all of your photographic and musical memories, arrange them any way you’d like, merge videos and music together, and the resulting video tribute video can be shared with everyone.


Along with the public showing of your loved one’s tribute video, at the funeral home and/or during the funeral or memorial service, you will have a very special memento. The DVD tribute video can be watched anytime you want, to comfort you, to bring back memories of special times, and to play on anniversaries of special occasions or as a yearly memorial tribute.


What makes a tribute video a very personal memorial, is that you can arrange it any way you like. If your loved one was passionate about something, a hobby, a sport, his work, volunteering, your video can pay homage to that by focusing on all of the events surrounding it. Assemble pictures of fishing trips, videos of your family singing around a campfire, photos of your children and grandchildren working together at a soup kitchen at Thanksgiving, led by the person you loved and have lost.


With a program designed especially to assemble a memorial tribute video, you and your funeral director can choose a theme representing a hobby, an interest, a vocation, or just a general overall background theme to which you can coordinate the rest of your funeral stationery. This tribute video software allows the funeral professional to arrange, rearrange, add music, video and sync transitions perfectly. There’s a way to include captions and other text throughout to more completely memorialize your loved one as the tribute video plays and the pictures and videos unfold.


Make your presentation personal, showing your perspective of the life with your loved one, or make it all-encompassing, with family, friends, and co-workers adding their pictures and words in a memorial collage. Videotape others as they share their memories, and add these recorded tributes to your video.


After your memorial tribute video is complete, let it play continuously during visiting hours at the funeral home, or reserve it to use as the centerpiece of the funeral service, perhaps even replacing a written eulogy with a graphic representation of a life well-lived. However you choose to show it, you will make an impact on everyone who sees and hears it.


Download Tribute Center for free today to create your own tribute videos for the families you serve.