A young woman writes her thoughts in a grief journal.


Written by Matt Frazer


With over 500 choices for funeral stationery now available through Frazer Consultants’ Tribute Center, the selection process can be overwhelming to not only the family but the funeral professional as well. But, take a big breath, we’re going to take the stress out of funeral stationery theme selection right now.


Here are three easy ways to help make theme selection quick and easy.


1.  Using the Arrangement Book

In Frazer Consultants’ arrangement book, all 500+ themes are pictured. But, don’t assume this means you need to take this book into the arrangement office. Due to the vast number of selections, your families will be overwhelmed and unable to narrow down a selection in a reasonable amount of time.


What we suggest you do is leave the book outside of the office. After about a half hour into the arrangement when you have a better sense of what this person’s life was all about, you can then leave the arrangement room and select one or two themes. Remove these pages from the book, and set them down in front of the family. Then, simply ask the family which one they would like. Because the two choices presented are HIGHLY personalized to the person’s life, their selection will be easy.


2.  Online Theme Viewer

If you are comfortable using a computer and you have a big monitor set up in easy view of the family, you can use Frazer Consultants’ online theme viewer. We created this online tool with the funeral director who wants to go paperless in mind. The themes are in categories so that you can quickly narrow down the selection using the search box. If the person liked fishing and was an engineer, typing those words into the search box one at a time will pull up corresponding themes making the selection fast and easy.


3.  Online from Home

Another way for you to help a family make a selection for their loved ones funeral stationery is to link to it from your funeral homes website. Then, the family can search through the online theme viewer and make a theme selection before they even get to the funeral home. Or you can give them the option of searching later that evening from the comfort of their own home.


Being able to print-on-demand all of your funeral stationery in-house, with the most fitting theme that best represents who the individual was in life, is a good thing. Knowing how to best help your client family is a great thing. If you need any assistance using the online theme viewer, or our Tribute Center Software, please feel free to contact us!


Download Tribute Center today to explore our funeral stationery themes and other memorialization products.