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Written by Matt Frazer


How do you present 500 different theme options for funeral stationery to client families?


Funeral Stationery Themes

Frazer Consultants’ funeral personalization software provides the most customization options for funeral stationery.  In fact, currently, our software contains over 500 coordinating themes to assist your families in their life celebration. With our new print-on-demand system, using blank-stock and our Tribute Center Software, you are now able to provide your families with personalized funeral stationery (all created in-house) that match any interest, hobby, occupation, or religious background.


However, sometimes too many choices can make decisions harder — for you and for your families. With over 500 funeral stationery themes to choose from, where do you start? How do you help a family narrow down the selection? How do you present the funeral stationery to families when there are so many different themes? The answers to these questions are simple. You talk to your families.


Arrangement Book

Because Frazer Consultants has an arrangement book that has all the themes in it, a lot of funeral professionals assume they need to take this book into the arrangement office. This is probably not the best idea. When you present the entire book, you will probably be there all day with the family trying to make a selection.


What an arranger should do is leave the book outside of the office About a half hour into the arrangement when the arranger has a better sense of what this person’s life was all about, for example, their interests, hobbies, occupation, they can leave the arrangement room and select one or two themes and remove them from the book, bringing only those two themes into the arrangement office.  Setting those two pages down on the table, ask the family which one they would like. The difference is, the two we are presenting are HIGHLY personalized to the person’s life.


Doing an arrangement and making a stationery selection with Frazer Consultants’ system is as simple as that.


Having what you want, when you want it is one of the many benefits of Frazer Consultants’ personalization software. From being able to print-on-demand the exact number of prayer cards or bookmarks or memorial folders, with the most fitting theme that best represents who the individual was in life, is a good thing. Knowing how to best help your client family is a great thing.


If you have any additional questions about presenting funeral stationery themes, about our software or any of our other funeral solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Download Tribute Center today to explore our funeral stationery themes and other memorialization products.