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Written by Matt Frazer


If you’re still using pre-printed funeral stationery, you’re missing out. But more importantly, your client families are missing out too.


Did you know that printing funeral stationery on-demand in-house lets you offer your client families the most personalized options for funeral stationery? Using predesigned and preformatted templates, the latest funeral software enables you to offer not two or three different funeral stationery options, but 500 different designs. There’s something for every interest, hobby, occupation, and religious background. All available at the click of a mouse. Simply input the deceased’s information one time and the stationery software does the rest.


Printing funeral stationery on-demand utilizes new funeral software that can seem intimidating at first if you’re not comfortable with computers. However, once you spend just a few minutes, you’ll see that creating all your funeral stationery in-house is one of the easiest things you may do in a day.


Then and Now — The Difference is Amazing

Old school funeral directors would purchase pre-printed paper for their funeral home’s stationery. Client families may have only had a few options from which to choose because of the cost to stock and inventory each design and each individual item. With print-on-demand funeral stationery there’s no need to stock several different options, all you need is blank stock. The funeral software takes care of the customization and printing can be completed using existing equipment — a copier or printer.


If your funeral home doesn’t have a printer or copier or would like to upgrade, fixed cost programs are available that still keeps printing on-demand cost effective. If your funeral home does more than 100 calls, it probably makes sense to go towards the copier solution. The copier has a higher monthly fixed cost, therefore, the funeral home has to be doing some volume to make up for the higher fixed cost. But since the cost per page is cheaper, it can pay for itself quickly.


If you manage less than 100 calls, it probably makes sense to look at the printer solution. No matter which solution you select, they will have a duplex unit that will allow you to print both sides automatically.


Funeral stationery has always been an important facet of the funeral service. The stationery not only serves as a keepsake for those who were present at the service, it also allows funeral home client families’ to better honor, celebrate, remember, and tell the life story. To have a solution that can quickly, easily and cost-effectively create the most personalized funeral stationery is to be able to offer the best possible keepsake for client families.


The old days of standard, lifeless funeral stationery are gone for good. Everything needed to create a fully customized funeral service from register book pages, memorial folders, prayer cards, acknowledgments, bookmarks, signs, DVD packaging, and even candles can all be printed on-demand in-house.


Isn’t it time you switched?

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