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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral webcasting bundles the technology and funeral software to allow grieving family and friends to attend a funeral online from anywhere in the world.


When a loved one passes away, it is an exceptionally stressful time for the bereaved. Paying last respects to a friend or family member can mean so much to those that are in mourning. However, in today’s world, it is not always possible to attend a funeral in person.


Funeral software and technology advances have changed the funeral industry forever. Now the bereaved have the option of attending an online funeral. As long as the bereaved have access to the internet, funeral webcasting allows them to be able to view a funeral or memorial service from anywhere in the world.


To implement funeral webcasting, a death care professional just needs to have a video camera, a microphone, and a computer with internet access to record and stream the funeral service live. As the memorial service is being broadcast online, it can be recorded as well. Doing this, a family can opt to have the recording burned to a DVD so that they can re-watch it later. The funeral professional can edit the video, add an intro and ending and include any additional information screens to completely customize the DVD.


Those that were unable to view the funeral online live, can also watch it on-demand at a later point in time. This feature is unique in that it allows the bereaved to pay their last respects, see family and friends and in their own way, “be there” for the life celebration even if they were unable to attend in person.


Before funeral webcasting, if a loved one passed away and family or friends were sick, away on business, deployed in another country for military service or simply didn’t have the financial means to travel, they were unable to have any part of the service. Sure, they could send cards or flowers, but there was a hole in the grieving process. They missed out on the connection and support of their family and friends. Funeral webcasting helps fill this hole.


A funeral marketing and consulting company that specializes in funeral software can recommend the proper equipment and provide the funeral software to ensure maximum quality and simplicity of integration. This company has spent years developing and perfecting the funeral software behind their funeral webcasting solution to ensure client families can view a high quality and customizable online funeral.


Implementing funeral webcasting allows a low cost, high-quality funeral service that transmits video and audio via the internet in a secure and private manner. It is an excellent new funeral technology that provides additional comfort and support for client families as well as an additional revenue stream for the funeral professional. It is also easy to set up and has an intuitive, menu-driven interface that even a computer novice can implement.


Frazer Consultants’ new all-in-one personalization funeral software gives death care professionals the ability to provide live or recorded funeral webcasts, produce stunning funeral video tributes, and offer client families the most personalized funeral stationery products and unique keepsakes. Creating each product is simple and affordable. With just the click of a mouse, you can create a completely personalized service. For more information, call 866-372-9372.