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Written by Matt Frazer


By offering funeral webcasting solutions to client families, funeral professionals are able to stay ahead of the competition, increase customer satisfaction all while increasing profitability.


Funeral Webcasting

Funeral webcasting is becoming mainstream in society today. There are a growing number of funeral professionals and client families who are taking advantage of this new funeral technology in order to attend a funeral online.


There are a variety of reasons a family member or friend may not be able to attend a funeral in person — illness, financial challenges, conflicts in scheduling, military service, and other personal reasons. Yet, the desire to celebrate the end of a loved one’s life doesn’t go away just because the bereaved can’t attend the service. Funeral webcasting is rapidly becoming a common solution to what once was a heart-wrenching problem.


Thanks to new developments in funeral software, funeral and memorial services can now be viewed live, privately, and securely online so that the bereaved can attend from their home, office, or anywhere in the world that provides access to the internet.


A funeral professional can easily set up their funeral home for funeral webcasting with a few simple pieces of equipment: a video camera, a microphone, a laptop and a tripod or ceiling mount. A funeral consultant that specializes in funeral software can recommend the proper equipment and software to ensure maximum quality and simplicity of integration.


Privacy and Security Concerns

Given the fact that a funeral is such a personal and sensitive occasion, many families are not comfortable having their loved ones funeral or memorial service open to public viewing over the internet. The most advanced funeral webcasting software manages all of the privacy and security concerns a family may have. This feature rich funeral software solution offers family and friends the ability to securely and privately connect to a funeral or memorial service live over the internet using a private website, high-tech software and encrypted password protection. These safety measures ensure that only the people who have been given access can participate in the service guaranteeing the family’s privacy, safety and security.


Choosing a private or public viewing is solely at the discretion of the family. If a family wishes to have a public viewing, anyone with access to the internet can attend the broadcast. Additionally, if the bereaved are unable to view the service at that time, they can view a recorded version as well. The funeral video can be stored and watched on-demand at a time more convenient to the individual.


Death care professionals are rapidly embracing online funerals and offering this funeral technology to client families as a standard option to improve their funeral and memorial planning experience. This low cost, high quality funeral solution allows client families an excellent option in which many have been responding to positively. Enabling family and friends to attend a funeral online from anywhere in the world is a unique funeral service in which funeral professionals will see a high profit margin and high satisfaction results.


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