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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral personalization companies research shows print-on-demand funeral stationery is cost effective and has many additional advantages over outdated pre-printed stationery.


Keeps Costs Down

Frazer Consultants, a personalization, technology, and consulting company for the death care profession, complete research and finds print-on-demand funeral stationery keeps costs down, offers client families more personalization options than pre-printed funeral stationery and enables the funeral professional to have what they need when they need it.


“If a funeral home uses a color laser printer in-house to create their custom, print-on-demand funeral stationery, they can expect to pay .09 to .10 cents for color and .01 to .02 cents for a black and white print,” said Matt Frazer, President of Frazer Consultants. “If they utilize a copier, which is also referred to as a multi-functional printer (MFP), their cost would be somewhere between .06 to .08 cents for color and .08 to 1.2 cents for black and white.”


Easy Time Management

With new technology advances, personalized funeral stationery has evolved. In days gone by, a funeral home would purchase pre-printed paper for their funeral stationery. Client families may have only had a few options from which to choose because of the cost to stock and inventory each design and each individual item. Reorders had to be managed and timed perfectly so as not to run out of a particular item. To add to the issue, suppliers required minimum orders, which meant large, expensive outlays. Managing the inventory, repetitively inputting the deceased’s information for each piece of stationery, and controlling costs consumed large blocks of time.


Today, Frazer Consultants funeral software enables funeral professionals to quickly and easily create customized funeral stationery on-demand, in-house, from blank, perforated stock using software-driven templates. Now, client families are able to choose from a wide variety of personalization options and funeral homes no longer need to inventory pre-printed stock.


“While costs to pre-printed funeral stationery are comparable, the options print-on-demand offers client families alone, over 500 different themes, makes print-on-demand the best choice for funeral stationery,” added Frazer. “Additionally, with Frazer’s Tribute Center custom funeral stationery software, there’s nothing to inventory, the funeral home can use their own printing equipment or a fixed low cost-per-page program and still create the most professional, low cost and fully customized funeral printing available.”


Frazer Consultants offers funeral professional no long-term contracts, no upfront costs, no equipment to buy, and no support fees. Using this simple pay-as-you-go system, funeral homes can control costs and provide the highest level of customization available in today’s market.


Frazer Consultants’ primary products and services include interactive funeral home website design, funeral tribute video software, funeral webcasting, funeral candles, funeral keepsakes, funeral register books, personalized funeral stationery, and holiday remembrance ornaments. For more information, call 866-372-9372.