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Written by Matt Frazer


Custom funeral register books can be created affordably in-house using Tribute Center funeral software. Comparable to pre-printed funeral register books in printing price, print-on-demand funeral register books can be created in-house by the funeral professional and customized to client family’s wishes.


“It’s the customization that really set the two printing options apart from each other, the price is secondary,” said Matt Frazer, Consultant with Frazer Consultants. “Printing-on-demand, client families can choose from more than 500 coordinating themes to assist them in their life celebration. Our Life Journey Celebration Stationery matches any interest, hobby, occupation, or religious background.”


Easy to Use

One of the benefits of printing-on-demand is that it isn’t necessary to buy any equipment. A funeral home that already owns printing equipment can use their existing printer or copier to create the print-on-demand funeral register books. If a printer or copier is needed, Frazer Consultants recommends the following companies: Konica Minolta, Sharp, Canon, and Oki Data.


“A copier or printer can make sense depending on the number of calls the funeral home does. If the funeral home does more than 100 calls, it probably makes sense to go towards the copier solution. If less than 100 calls, it probably makes sense to go to the printer solution,” explained Frazer. “Either solution will have a duplex unit that will allow the funeral home to print both sides automatically. The copier has a higher monthly fixed cost, therefore, the funeral home has to be doing some volume to make up for the higher fixed cost. But since the cost per page is cheaper, it can pay for itself quickly.”


Register Books and Beyond

Printing-on-demand using Frazer Consultant’s Tribute Center enables a funeral professional to print not only custom funeral register books in-house but each theme also includes a layout for a  memorial folder, prayer card, acknowledgment, bookmark, sign, DVD packaging, and a candle. Frazer Consultant’s Tribute Center Software stores all the themes electronically. The funeral home simply inventories the blank stock and can print-on-demand what is needed, when it is needed.


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