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Written by Matt Frazer


A contemporary funeral can include cremation and green burials. They also can refer to a traditional funeral that incorporates customs and ceremonies of different cultures.


There are many reasons families opt for a contemporary funeral. Some can’t afford the high cost of traditional funerals. Most wish for a way to honor their loved one in a more meaningful way. Additionally, more people planning their own funerals now. They are opting for contemporary funerals so that they can end their life with an exclamation mark, not a period.


While it may take more time and energy to plan a contemporary funeral, planning a non-traditional funeral that celebrates a loved one’s life creates a personalized and positive experience for all that attend. There are no rules or really any structured guidelines for a contemporary funeral. Therefore, it can be as simple or elaborate as the family wishes.


Because client families and friends of the deceased are choosing funeral and memorial services that are more reflective of the person and honor the person for who they were in life, it is important that funeral professionals have the tools to assist them. Funeral software has evolved to enhance client families personalization levels in some ways the family never dreamed possible.


Gone are the standard pieces of funeral stationery, including the customary, plain guest book, funeral programs and prayer cards. In its place something that’s not just funeral stationery, but customized keepsakes. These important funeral products can now include photographs, favorite quotes and Scriptures, and themed backgrounds that expertly blend all the elements of the funeral stationery into a complete personalized package.


Technology is advancing even in the way people attend a contemporary funeral. Funeral software and the internet make it possible to attend a funeral from the comfort of your own home. Many times due to cost, illness or other obligation such as military service, it’s impossible to attend a funeral. With funeral webcasting, family and friends are given secure access to a website where they can view the service live or on a delayed webcast.


Funerals and memorials are an important part of the grieving process. They let client families share memories, tributes, and appreciation for the life of the deceased. They help mourners acknowledge the reality of death and encourage the acceptance of loss and help to heal. They allow for the expression of faith and provide the bereaved with a sense of continuity — that life goes on.


Enabling client families to create a lasting tribute, personalized keepsakes and provide them with a truly personal funeral or memorial service with the help of the latest technology is priceless.


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